Thursday, October 21, 2010

Long Time

Hello there peeps! It has been a LONG time since I have posted a blog. School has been keeping me really really busy. I seriously don't remember school being this hard. And the scary part is next semester is going to be even harder. Uugghhh... don't think about it Lindsey...

So I guess I'll update all ya'll on what's going on here in the Comer's life.

Justin is gone to the Big Island for training. He's been gone over a week and will probably be over there for another 3 weeks or so. Not exactly sure when he's getting back because I want him to surprise me! I can't wait!!! I need some excitement in my life...
School is going well. I only like one of my teachers. The rest just really don't know how to teach. It sucks but I'm still managing to do well in them. I'm getting back to the normal way I usually do school. I start off trying my absolute best and studying my butt off and then I get a bit more laid back with everything. I just study enough to do well. It sounds bad, but that's how I've always been like in school. I've never been a straight A's student and that's perfectly fine with me. B's don't scare me. I try not to let it get down to a C but as long as it's a high one, it doesn't bother me that much.

But enough about school...

Well... now that I say that I really can't think of anything that has really happened since I last posted. Just school. I have to keep reminding myself of why I went back to college. It really sucks, but in the end I know I'll like the job it'll get me. I love animals and love helping people and animals so it's kinda perfect : )

Well I know this is short, but I have an exam tomorrow and I need to study...

It's my life : /

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Favorite Days

I have 7 favorite days. It may sound like I'm trying to say I like all the day of the week, but I don't. I hate Monday-Thursday. Unless one of those days consists of a holiday or a 96. My favorite days consist of Friday, payday, Holidays, 96s, and the absolute BEST day, Homecoming. And for all those civilians out there who have no clue what 96 means, it means a 4 day weekend. There also is a 72 (3 day) but most of the time it's a 96. You usually get a 96 with a Holiday so those come hand-in-hand.
Here's my list of favorite days (#1 being my absolute favorite day):

7. Friday
6. Payday!
5. First day of a 96
4. First day of a 96 on a payday
3. First day of a 96 for a holiday
2. First day of a 96 for a holiday on a payday!

Just a little picture of our April 1, 2010 homecoming after 7 months in Okinawa.

Btw, the reason I'm talking about favorite days is because today is payday. And it's also basically Friday because Justin might have tomorrow off because his birthday is Saturday! So it's sorta kinda like my #2 favorite day! Only it would be a 72 and not a 96 and it's a birthday and not a holiday. And it's Thursday not Friday.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Change of Plans

Today started out as a good day. I made it my goal to get stuff done and have a successful day. I woke up with a good start. Ate a healthy breakfast, went to the gym, worked out some more at home. I did laundry, the dishes, vacuumed and took a shower and got ready for the day. All of this before 1030! I was pretty proud of myself. Now I had to make calls and get stuff done.
Now before I go on, I want to tell you what my plan was for the next 4.5 years. I was going to go to college for the fall semester just to take some classes. Then I was going to join the Air Force in the beginning of next year and serve my 4 years. Then after that I was going to use the GI Bill to go back to college. That was my plan...
I've been in the process of registering for college and it's taking some time. I'm getting Financial Aid from MyCaa (My Career Advancement Program). It's a program for military spouses and they pay up to $6000 of your tuition. Great program. Well, I won't go into details but registering got a lot harder than I anticipated. I had 6 classes I wanted to take but I was only able to get into 4. I might be able to get into the other 2 but I won't know till after the first couple of days of classes. I'm not really having a problem with the financial aid but I realized something today. If I can't get these two classes then I more than likely won't be able to complete my certificate in two semesters. I only have two semesters till Justin's EAS and we move. If I can't get these two classes then I'm going to have to take 19 hours next semester. One of those being an internship. I really don't think I'll be able to do that. And I don't see a point in going to college and taking classes if i can't complete my certificate. So now I just have to wait and see if I can get into these two classes.
That's the whole college situation. Now here's the whole Air Force situation.
I can't join. Evidently the cross tattoo on the back of my neck disqualifies me from joining. I talked to a recruiter and the agent guy on the website and both of them told me it disqualifies me. My heart broke when they told me. But after it sunk in for awhile and I prayed about it, I came to realize that it might be a good thing that I can't join. I've always told myself that I don't want my job to be my life and, obviously, if I joined the Air Force or any military branch for that matter, it would be.

So that was my day. Still successful. But definitely not what I was hoping for.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Short, Sweet, and to the Point...


I'm happy now


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"The Big Green Weenie"

Justin and I are getting the Big Green Weenie...
Now before you go off thinking we're getting some kind of sex toy let me explain what the "Big Green Weenie" is.
Urban Dictionary defines it as:

When you are in the Marine Corps and your boss
f**** you over big time, making it feel like you
have the Marine Corp's Big Green Weenie right
up your a** hole with no anal ease even offered.

or my favorite

Something that you will eventually get and
continue to get once you become a Marine.
Getting the "big green weenie" may include
such fine events as: getting f***** with
duty on a particularly important weekend,
getting in trouble for some small petty s***
while being in garrison, getting stationed at
a s***hole like 29 Dumps.
The "big"
represents the big bad Marine Corps
picking on the little guy, the Marine. The
"green" represents the true color of the
Corps. The "weenie" represents getting
f***** over.

I'm sure you understand what it is by now.

Now, we've gotten lucky in the past. For example: Justin EAS's right after his unit deploys to Afghanistan so he doesn't have to go. He almost had to go to RIMPAC for 3 weeks but his Granny ended up passing away a couple days before they left. So instead of going we were able to take emergency leave and go home. (Now I don't consider having his Granny pass away as being lucky, we were not happy about this in any means. But it did get him out of going to RIMPAC)
However, we have also been f***** by the Marine Corps' Big Green Weenie before. Justin had 24hr duty at least once a week for 5 weeks right after he got back from a deployment. It was ridiculous. That's really been the worst once, so I won't go on. But now, we might be getting it hard time...

Justin just got back from a 7 month deployment a little over 3 months ago. It was just to Okinawa, but it still sucked. I'm about to go a little off topic here but I really want to let this out. I get sick and tired of people saying that, "Oh, he's just going to Okinawa. At least it's not Afghanistan. It won't be that bad." Ok. First of all I was to say (before people start to twist my words around) that I AM sooo grateful that it is not to Afghanistan or Iraq. But it's still a deployment! We're still going through the separation! The separation itself is hard! Yes, with combat deployments you have to worry about other stuff other than the separation. I am in no way trying to say that noncombat deployments are just as hard as combat deployments. I can only imagine how hard a combat deployment is! And I highly respect those ladies who go through combat deployments. But ANY deployment is hard. NO deployment is easy. No matter where they go! Okay. I've said it. But as I was saying. Another battery in Justin's unit is leaving in 3 weeks for Okinawa (not his battery). We found out yesterday that one of the mechanics in that battery might not be able to go and out of all the Cpl mechanics in the unit, only 2 could replace him. And Justin is one of them. So in other words. My husband might be deploying in 3 weeks back to Okinawa for 8 months this time. I feel like I'm having my own little version of Army Wives going on. Only I have a little more time and it's not as long.
We should hopefully now by the end of the week if he's going or not. I feel myself trying to prepare for it, but every time I think about it my heartbreaks! I just got him back. One good thing is I could get back into deployment mode very easily but I really don't want to. It's like going on a diet. But there's no possible way for you to cheat. It sucks.
Anyway. That's what's going on right now. I'll keep you all updated on whether or not he'll be going.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back in Paradise?

Hey y'all! I'm back! It's been over 2 weeks since I last posted so I must catch you all up on what has been going on in the life of Lindsey Comer! Not that there's anyone who really reads But I don't care. I just like writing blogs!

So Justin and I got back from TN Thursday afternoon. It was an extremely lloonngg flight. Almost 11 hours. Painful. Not to mention I got the full treatment going through security in Chattanooga. Got my hands swiped to make sure I haven't been messing with chemicals and I got frisked. I just think they were bored... But anywho. I'm finally back in Hawaiiville. It's nice to be back in my own place with all my stuff, but of course I do really still miss Tennessee. It was a lot harder leaving this time than last time. I know it was because last time I was there for 3 months and I was READY to be on my own again. This time... I wanted at least one more week. There were so many more people I wanted to see and places I wanted to go and eat at. But oh well. It was still a nice visit and I can't wait to go back for Christmas!

Not too much has changed since we got back. Jeff (Justin's brother and our roommate) just left today for a deployment. He'll be gone either 4 or 5 months. To be honest, I'm kinda happy that Justin and I won't have a roommate for awhile. Cleaning up after 1 guy and 2 cats is hard enough. Don't get me wrong, I'll miss him. He was the one who would always buy Justin and I alcohol. But FINALLY Justin will be turning 21 here soon so it won't be a problem.

I haven't decided whether or not I'm happy or scared about Justin turning 21. I think I'm just more scared of the night he turns 21. I told him we could go celebrate as long as we went to a 18 and up bar/club so I could go and make sure he doesn't do anything stupid. But I don't know if his friends are going to drag him somewhere without me. After all, all his friends are Marines...

But oh well. I'll worry about that later.

Sorry this is short but I'm trying to have a productive day and I don't really have to time to type up a long blog. I just wanted to let you all know I'm still alive and kicking!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Going Home

Justin's Grandmother died Saturday. We've been expecting this because she hasn't been doing well these past two months, but it was still a little sudden. Out of all the people in Justin's family, she was the one I knew the best. She was a very sweet, honest and Godly woman. Justin was pretty close with her so this hit him pretty hard. That's actually one of the things that was the hardest for me. Just seeing Justin sad and crying... it just makes me want to hold him tight and tell him everything is going to be okay. I've never had any of my grandparents die so I can only imagine how hard it must be. But if that isn't hard enough, trying to figure out if we can go home for the funeral is almost just as hard.

The first thing Justin did when he found out his Granny died was tell his Sgt. We were hoping to get emergency leave as soon as we could. His mom sent out the Red Cross and he got a call from them on Sunday. His Sgt told another Sgt and the word went up the chain of command. Later that day, Justin's SSgt called him and told him that he more than likely wouldn't get Emergency Leave because it wasn't an immediate family member that died. I thought that was the end of it... but then his SSgt told him that what they would do was try to get him regular leave and get it approved by noon on Monday. That right there amazed me. I'm so used to getting screwed by the Marine Corps, when they do something like that.... it's just a miracle. It just reminds me that, yes, you do get screwed a lot by the military, but overall, they do take care of us.
Then came the challenge of how to pay for the tickets. Now, Justin and I had checked on tickets before but when we did they were weeks in advance. They were averaging around $600 each. When Justin and I checked flights Sunday night, they were at least $1200. Each. $2400 to go home. That was heartbreaking. There was no way we could afford that. But Justin had a plan...

Monday morning, after doing a few things at work, Justin went to Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society to see if they could help us out. They ended up finding us flights for $600 each. It was absolutely amazing!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

So we're going to be back home in Chattanooga, TN until the 8th! This is the first time Justin and I have been home together since we got married. Over 1 year!